[broadway] Appropriate

by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

dir. Lila Neugebauer

2nd Stage / Helen Hayes Theater

Fall 2023

[broadway] An Enemy of the People

adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Amy Herzog

dir. Sam Gold

Broadway - Circle in the Square

Winter 2024

[off-broadway] Three Houses

by Dave Malloy

dir. Annie Tippe

Signature Theatre Company | Linney Theater

Spring 2024

[London] Infinite Life – London

By Annie Baker

dir. James Macdonald

National Theatre - Dorfman Theater

Winter 2023

[off-broadway] The Welkin

by Lucy Kirkwood

dir. Sarah Benson

Atlantic Theater Co.- Linda Gross Theater

Spring 2024

[comedy] Kate – Los Angeles

by Kate Berlant

dir. Bo Burnham

Pasadena Playhouse

Winter 2024

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