The Woman’s Party

by Rinne Groff   –   dir. Tara Ahmadinejad   –   Web series by Clubbed Thumb

«ingenious virtual dollhouse set» – NY Times Critic’s Pick

A new virtual production which premiered in three parts. 1947 is the year that the savvy politicos of the National Woman’s Party will finally get the ERA passed—once they quash that insurgency. Or oust the old guard. Failure is Impossible. 

Originally scheduled for Clubbed Thumb’s Summerworks 2020, this virtual production has grown into one of their most ambitious projects, with a cast of ten and a multidisciplinary design and production team working from their homes across the country.


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Credits ↴

Scenic design by dots

Produced by Clubbed Thumb, 2021

Written by Rinne Groff

Directed by Tara Ahmadinejad

Associate Director NJ Agwuna

Creative technology direction -Nicholas Hussong & Masha Tsimring

Lighting Design by Masha Tsimring

Costume Design by Mel Ng

Sound Design by Melanie Chen Cole

Hair & Makeup Design by Earon Nealey

Edited by Blake Manns

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