Kate Berlant is KATE

by Kate Berlant   –   dir. Bo Burnham   –   Connelly Theater

NY Times Critic’s Pick


All my previous work has been a pale shadow, a humiliation, an impotent suggestion always gesturing toward, yet never quite arriving … Now I’m here. And it feels really good.

I can’t wait to welcome you into my home, which is the theatre. Although I haven’t been home in a long time, it feels good to be back and I’m so grateful they kept the lights on for me. Although it is forbidden to take your shoes off in my home, I hope you will still allow yourself to shed a layer—to become vulnerable and receptive to the possibility of transformation.

-Kate Berlant


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Scenic design by dots

Produced by Mike & Carlee Productions | Eli Bush | Bo Burnham

Directed by Bo Burnham

Lighting Design by Amith Chandrashaker

Sound Design by Palmer Hefferan

Director of Photography – Sam Levy

Production Manager – Libby J’Vera

Photo Credit – Emilio Madrid / Santiago Orjuela-Laverde

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