by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins  –   dir. Lila Neugebauer   –   Helen Hayes Theater & Belasco Theater

NYTimes Critic’s Pick


It’s summer, the cicadas are singing, and the Lafayette family has returned to their late patriarch’s Arkansas home to deal with the remains of his estate. Toni (Sarah Paulson), the eldest daughter, hopes they’ll spend the weekend remembering and reconnecting over their beloved father. Bo, her brother, wants to recoup some of the funds he spent caring for Dad at the end of his life. But things take a turn when their estranged brother, Franz, appears late one night, and mysterious objects are discovered among the clutter. Suddenly, long-hidden secrets and buried resentments can’t be contained, and the family is forced to face the ghosts of their past.


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Scenic design by dots

Helen Hayes Theater & Belasco Theater

Directed by Lila Neugebauer

Lighting Design by Jane Cox

Costume Design by Dede Ayite

Sound Design by Bray Poor

Prop Design by Matthew Frew

Photo Credit – dots & Emilio Madrid

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