You Never Touched the Dirt

by Zhu Yi   –   dir. Ken Rus Schmoll   –   Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2019

The Lis, the Zhaos, the ghosts and the animals engage in a land feud.

This “witty, smart production brings out the absurdity, the poignancy, and the cruelty in Zhu Yi’s rich script . . . and also, there are sheep.” –Loren Noveck, Exeunt


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by Zhu Yi

Scenic design by dots

Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2019

Costume Design by Heather McDevitt Barton

Lighting Design by Jiyoun Chang

Sound design by Brendan Aanes

Props Design by Raphael Mishler

Photography by Santiago Orjuela-Laverde & Elke Young

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