Tiny Beautiful Things

adapted by Nia Vardalos   –   dir. Ken Rus Schmoll   –   Longwharf Theater

«the online/outdoor environs give “Tiny Beautiful Things” a wonderful abstract quality, a sense of backyard existentialism» – Hartford Courant

Thousands of people reach out to Sugar, an anonymous online advice columnist, seeking words of wisdom, honesty, and hope. It’s a lot to ask of one person. But little did she realize that for all her efforts, they just might be healing her as well. Deeply funny, empathetic, and uplifting, Tiny Beautiful Things shows that in spite of our differences, we are all in this together.


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Adapted for the Stage by Nia Vardalos

Based on the Book by Cheryl Strayed

Co-Conceived by Marshall Heyman, Thomas Kail and Nia Vardalos

Scenic design by dots

Long Wharf Theatre

Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

Lighting Design by Yuki Nakase

Costume Design by Arnulfo Maldonado

Sound Design by Leah Gelpe

Props by Brian Fagan, Frank J. Alberino

Photo Credit -Kimie Nishikawa, Brian Fagan

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