The Great Disappointment

by Rinne Groff   –   dir. Mark Wing-Davey   –   NYU-Tisch Graduate Drama

What does it mean to follow a messiah in a time where faith is the only left in society? Who do we believe in a parallel story of a brother and a sister putting Religion and Science in a confrontation? This story is a journey into the sense of perception of a cult leader and how gender is at the center of the controversy. The life of Mary Baker Eddy and the origins of the Christian Science Church in 1879 inspires the great disappointment of a god that never shows up. Photography by: Santiago Orjuela-Laverde


Credits ↴

by Rinne Groff

Scenic design by dots.

Directed by: Mark Wing-Davey

Costume Design: Christelle Matou

Lighting Design: Eric Norbury

Sound Design: Ian Scot Williams

NYU Jack Crystal Theater

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